Acne again? I hear this all the time. Believe me, after over 12 years working with adult acne and teen acne, I can say with conviction that I can help you. But there’s no quick fix. Oh, yes, you can go to a dermatologist and get antibiotics or a quick cortisone shot to reduce the size of a cyst, but that is not going to prevent future acne. And in many cases, it will make your future acne return with a vengeance. The secret to getting rid of your acne is to work closely with me to “retrain” your skin. With acne, your skin, whether due to genetics, stress, environment and other factors, has developed some very bad habits. My job is to help you with  home care and regular treatments to retrain your skin to be healthy at a cellular level. Once the acne is cleared up, it will not go back to the old ways. Yes, you may break out a little now and then, but it won’t take over your face or your life again.

So what do you have to do to achieve this change? You have to trust me. Know that when you come in, I will recommend a home care regimen and a regular treatment routine that ensures your success. I promise that I will be here for you all the way to the end. You also have to let go of your bad eating habits, picking issues, bad products and bad make up. And, most important, you have to have patience! Think about it. You have struggled with acne for years. You have been repressing it, pushing it down to keep your skin from breaking out. Pushing it down with antibiotics, harsh products, topical “drying” lotions. Something has to happen before your new skin comes through. Sometimes its purging, sometimes just whiteheads, sometimes just gradual improvement. But a few months of this is definitely worth it once you get to the other side. The side that means clear, healthy and happy skin!

Come in for a consultation or book an acne treatment soon! You’ll quickly see that I’ve got lots of great tools for treatments and great product lines with safe, quality ingredients to help you in a non-invasive and non-irritating way.

Andrea Sanchez