The following information comes from a brilliant engineer/scientist who developed the TAMA microcurrent device I use, Ali Shambayati. His statement is worth reading and giving some thought to what he says before you consider injecting Botox into your face.

“Surprisingly enough, the generation that values health so much (eat organic, regular exercise, stay fit, do not smoke, etc.) has opted to turn a blind eye on this one, that is, “health” has no place in this arena! It is now fashionable and socially acceptable to use Botox, but not for long. There was a time that the Marlboro man was considered handsome and healthy.

One thing everyone (the cosmetic industry) is choosing to ignore – and that is that Botulinum is a “toxin.” Why would anyone in his/her right mind opt for injecting toxins, regardless of how good the face looks?!! Botulinum blocks the synaptic vesicles that secret acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter that converts action potentials arriving at motor end plates to muscle movement. Without it, the muscle is considered dead. The body views the dead muscle as an easily-accessible source of protein, and consumes it (hence the atrophy that ensues). Would anyone in this day and age actually commit such injustice against oneself, while we all strive to care for the precious human being?  I am totally baffled and disappointed at what is considered “beautiful” in today’s society – an outward-looking culture that values superficial beauty above a healthy body. I wish I could show everyone the real beauty that is within every cell, neuron, muscle fiber, and organ.

A paradigm shift is necessitated, but this change will not come from the industry that stands to profit handsomely from it. It has to come from the end-user by educating your clients about the dangers of chemicals and toxins.”

Andrea Sanchez