Active Exfoliations

Andrea’s Exfoliation Treatments include Glycolic, Lactic, Retinaldehyde, Vitamin C peels and more…

Revitapen Treatment

See Microcurrent PLUS in the “Facials” section.


Specific peel will be determined based on your skin type. Examples of peel options are Glycolic 20% or 30%, Lactic 15% or 30%, Vitamin C layered peel and others. Peels can help to restore elasticity, recapture radiance, improve hydration, refine skin texture and brighten dark spots. This is a complete facial including extractions. (30-minute peel option offered is for existing clients only.)

Single treatment: $160
30 Minute Peel series (4 or more, less 10%): $90 each
Series of 4 or more: Less 10%

Facial Infusion

This “peel” from Osmosis Skin Care is for clients currently on Osmosis home care regimen. Uniquely customized for aging, Rosacea, acne or hyper pigmented skin. Provides gentle burst of antioxidants, collagen/elastic stimulators. remodels scar tissue, lifts pigmentation and restores healthy skin.

Single Peel: $175. Series* of three or more: 10% off

* All series must occur at least monthly and will have expiration date set at time of purchaser.